NIS Testing is pleased to announce its new cell-based testing services for the Natural Products Industry.

In conjunction with its research arm, NIS Labs, cell-based tests are developed for Quality Assurance Program use. Once these tests are optimized for use in a Quality Assurance Program, they are moved from the research environment of NIS Labs to NIS Testing.

The award winning CAP-e is the first such test to make this transition. Coupled with the clinical expertise of NIS Labs, NIS Testing now hosts a Certified Bioavailable Antioxidants Program. The CAP-e test is also used for performing due diligence in developing new products, manufacturing methods, evaluating different sources of ingredients, and the development of new extraction methods.

In addition, NIS Labs uses the CAP-e as one of the initial steps in helping to determine overall research programs for new and existing products. It also creates a foundation of information in which more complex cell-based research data can be interpreted.
NIS Testing